My Mind Is In A Fog

I woke up at around 5 am to feed my girls, (Daisy and Lily) my cats, yes I am a fur mommy. They won’t let you sleep if you don’t tend to them. I love my girls though, so I am happy to get up and feed them. You rarely find one without the other, 2 peas in a pod I decide to stay up, as I had a couple of packages to get out to the post today, and {Read More}

Winning Free Stuff Rocks!

I think everyone loves free stuff, when it’s handed to you no questions asked is even better, but not everyone is that lucky hey? But when it comes to sweepstakes, raffles, even the lottery, you can’t help but try, because if you don’t try, you will never know if you will win! Same goes for online giveaways, you aren’t required to purchase anything but simply do a few things online related, like follow on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and various other {Read More}

Giveaways, Contests yay!

Well no i’m not doing a giveaway or a contest, but hey it’s a thought for the future. My personal blog is just that a personal online diary for myself. If anyone reads it great, and if not so be it. Although I do post to my other two websites, because I like to keep them active. But the reason for the title is, that I read one of my friends tweets on Twitter, and I thought to myself, that {Read More}