I Feel Like Sharing ~ Monthly Subscriptions Yay!

So I can’t seem to keep up with things sometimes. I get distracted like crazy, something is going on with me. Old age? LOL maybe, anyway, I had recently posted a few videos on YouTube of some subscriptions I am still a member of, so I thought I would quickly share with you. Not in detail, I suppose if you are interested in knowing more, you will watch the video, or follow the links to join yourself. Okay so the {Read More}

I Love My Ipsy Glam Bag (formerly known as myglam) Yay!

Ok so here I am with another monthly subscription service. This is Septembers glam bag. I really like this one. When I joined it was known as myglam, but it has recently changed to ipsy, I don’t know why they changed it, I guess I will have to check their website, I think myglam made more sense?! Lol. I guess they have a whole new section going on now, that includes more interaction from the subscribers like myself, so I {Read More}