See Your Lover More Clearly This Valentine’s day

I’ve been debating about what to give William for Valentine’s Day, I have a few ideas. I can go with what he would really love, or go with what he really needs, choices choices are never easy. I hope this is one day he doesn’t read my blog lol. If you are reading this William, go away, there is information here I don’t want you to read please I love you and thank you. Ok if you are still reading {Read More}

I Need Eye Glasses

Well at least I need a new pair eye glasses. I was silly, back when I was in England silly me didn’t realise that I was beginning to scratch my eye glasses by hanging them on the little knob on the shower door. I don’t know why I wasn’t thinking but over time they began to get scratched, but I didn’t notice them. Now I’m in Massachusetts, and I have seen the damage I have done. So looking around for {Read More}