Trying It Out

Ok well I joined this website called where you can manage more than one blog that is using wordpress. I thought I would give it a try as I have 3 blogs I cross post to, and I thought wow it would be great if I can write my blog once, and have it post to all 3 of my blogs at the same time. Do you know how much time that would save me, loads of time hehe. {Read More}

Preparations For October?

This weekend was pretty awesome, we went to the Salem Witch Museum in Salem, MA. Really great experience, although I expected the museum to be much bigger, so I was a bit disappointed there :no: In one part of the part of them museum, we couldn’t take photos which sucked badly because that is an ideal place to get photos. Why do they not allow people to take photos, what is the big deal? Can someone tell me? Apart from {Read More}

Happy Halloween

It’s that time again, yup! Candy, costumes woohoo. I always love this time of the year, not only for reasons I stated, but because all the cool scary stuff they show on TV and films that come out. I’m staying home chilling with William, watching Ghost Hunters live. Our Halloween started last night, by watching Ghost Adventurers, they went live on TV and online, we watched some but they were going to run all the way until 3 am, no {Read More}

Happy Birthday William!

Happy Birthday William, sweetheart! Okay well yesterday there were to special birthdays, William, I have mentioned him often in my posts, you will continue to do so, he is some one very special to me, please wish him a very Happy Birthday, the other birthday is my nephew Mike, he’s currently in the Army, I miss him very much and wish that he stays safe. So yesterday, I had something delivered to William at work, and to my disbelief, ok {Read More}

Texting While Driving

This morning as we sipped some coffee, we were watching the morning news, and they were talking about texting while driving and how dangerous it can be, I completely agree with that. They provided a commercial that is being shown on youtube at this time, about 4 girls driving down a road, the driver texting, well you can imagine the rest, but watch the video below so you can see what happens. It’s so very sad. Keep in mind girls {Read More}