What a Crazy, Busy, Happy Week/Month!

Wow, so my birthday was last week, in case anyone forgot lol. Which probably some did. Others can give 2 shits, but whatever *rolls eyes*. I had a very nice birthday week, online and offline. My honey always made it so special, all week long, bless his little heart! And my 2 girls, Daisy and Lily, they showered me with love, but that is an everyday thing, and I return the love as well. My honey asked me if I {Read More}

Happy Leap Year Day!

Now how often do we get to say that? Every 4 years! Four years ago, I didn’t blog on Leap Day, I’m going to make a point that I do, so this is my very first Leap Year day I post on, yay! I’m a member of GetGlue, it’s a fun social network website, that I find myself drawn to not only online but on my phone or iPod, I admit it, it does get a little addicting but I {Read More}