30 Days Of Truth: Day 16: Someone Or Something You Definitely Could Live Without

It’s about time to get back to 30 Days of Truth, I spread them out so they don’t seem so repetitive, this question is similar to the last one in a way isn’t it? Although with this question I am not going to just try to pick one thing, it’s going to be generalised, basically I can live without many things, such as Hate and Racism being at the top of the list, I can include Taxes, Depression, Suicide, Child {Read More}

Love Is In The Air, Or Is It?!

It’s February, that means you will see everything and anything that has to do with Valentine’s, I know some over do it, but some look so forward to this day, only to be disappointed if it doesn’t come out as they’d hoped. And that is exactly why you shouldn’t expect to much. I feel it’s better that you don’t so that you aren’t disappointed in the end. The last thing one wants is a constant reminder of how bad Valentine’s {Read More}