Y is for Young Adult #AtoZChallenge

Woo getting closer to the end, I keep saying that don’t I? Well it’s just to remind you I won’t be doing any films unless it’s something I really really want to share, then I will. Anyway, yesterday I had said that I wouldn’t post about a film I didn’t like, so I decided I would, especially because it was hard for me to find a film starting with a Y and I had put this film on my list {Read More}

Best Oldies Songs Ever

So I was reminiscing earlier today as we drove around, we took a nice drive around today, I had a nice time! Anyway as we drove around, we listed to the radio a bit, and usually I’ll want to listen to some rock, so I do what I do so best, I went switching around the stations and we came upon a radio station where they were playing the best oldies songs ever! As I mentioned earlier I was reminiscing. {Read More}