Are You Superstitious? Happy Friday the 13th!

I am, and am not superstitious. With some things I am, I do believe in ghosts, not to sure about the black cat and ladder bit, but I am still cautious, don’t hurt to be, right? The day is almost over, it’s 6:32 pm as I write this. The day has been okay, I was home all day, as that seems to be my itinerary for quite a while, it’s a long story, I won’t bore. Nothing really bad has {Read More}

30 Days of Truth – Day 22: Something You Wish You Hadn’t Done In Your Life

Ok well here we are back with 30 Days of truth, I know I completely lost track of it, and stopped doing it, but there is no set time on finishing this, so now I am on to day 22 yay! If you are interested in participating in this meme, please feel free to link your site, so I can go and visit and read what you have to say as well. I will leave the link here for you, {Read More}

D is for Dawn of the Dead #AtoZChallenge

I just have to say that I just love to watch horror films, I’m fascinated currently with zombie films, even the cheesy ones. When it comes to the cheesy ones. I watch basically to make fun of the, and how badly they are made, but when they come out with some good ones, then I really look to see how realistic they look. Now I am not zombie expert, I know what I like, and today’s A to Z Challenge {Read More}

I Could Not Cry For A Year, I Was In Shock!

Today marks the 11th anniversary since I lost my mother, ‘Anniversary’?, is that even an appropriate word? I’m not celebrating her passing, I’m mourning it. So what do I call it? I could just say, today marks the 1lth year since I lost my mother? Yeah that sounds better. In no way do I want anyone to think I’m celebrating. On the contrary, I feel very much alone. Now you know I had to write a blog in memory of {Read More}

30 Days of Truth: Day 3

Even though I slacked off on this 30 Days of Truth, no one said, it had to be one after another now did they? Lol. So with that said, let’s move on. Oh yeah if you are interested in doing it, check out where I started click here, will show you all you need to do. Have fun with it! Day 3: Something you have to forgive yourself for. Wow this one is really hard, because it goes so deep, {Read More}