How Can I Use My Time More Wisely?

OK it’s all my fault!! I procrastinate way too much! I leave things until the last minute, I’ve done it dozens of times. I’m sure there are a lot of people that do that as well. But I do it to myself. I get some overwhelmed with things to do, that I forget about the deadline to some and then I feel like I’m running around like a chicken without a head! I really need to prioritise and use my {Read More}

Service Interruption Due To Server Move

After about 7 years with Steadfast, they sold the shared hosting accounts over to Fluid Hosting, we weren’t really aware of it, until they had already decided to sell, the accounts we’re moved with no disruption, which was great, but it was time to move hosts. They are top notch!! So why am I moving? Well they are so expensive lol. Sorry but it’s a fact, we are all in a financial crisis. Ok I won’t exaggerate about the crisis, {Read More}

Less Than An Amateur

I finally got my photography website up, I just have a partial gallery, I need to gather my photos, well at least the ones I want to use. But I’m excited about it. You can find that at lenscapture, isn’t that a great name for a photogrphy website? Well I am no professional by any means. I love to take photos, and sometimes, I get some wicked cool photos, and sometimes I don’t, you can do so much with a {Read More}

In 5 Months

Looks like there is a change of plan. My hosting here doesn’t end until May 2012, so I am going to finish out my time here, and then move. The hosting here has been exceptional. I have never had any problems, and if I did, they were quick to take care of the problem. So that makes me really happy. But I will wait it out until the end of April, and then transfer. No point in letting this go {Read More}

Warmer Days Ahead

I think winter will be over soon. We are suppose to have some spring weather coming, so that will be something nice to look forward to. One of my websites was down for awhile or maybe most of the day yesterday. There was some problems with my usage, I’m being told that my website is using up a lot of resources, I’m also told that it’s probably one or more of my wordpress plugins, so I need to find out {Read More}

Staying After All

Well I’m happy to say that it turns out the new hosting company is keeping us with our current prices, so there will be no moving thank goodness. Although I am disappointed because I found out that other clients got a welcome email and I didn’t I even checked my spam, and I have received two other emails from the new hosting company so I know they have the correct email. So where is my welcome email? I know there {Read More}

Hosting Change

Ok this is just something I wasn’t expecting, and wasn’t looking forward to. I really expected to stay with same host for like ever until I decided to close my website! But it looks like this is going to happen sooner than expected, I just got an email yesterday about it. I seen a few people react to it, and I am reacting right along with them. I’m not happy, it’s going to be a lot of work, and I {Read More}