Are you stuffed? Want more? Lol Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh my gosh, we had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Although I really miss my family, and I know they are all with loved ones. Well except for my oldest brother which I am pretty sure he and my father went to my middle brothers house for Thanksgiving. I don’t like knowing any of them spent it alone. As for my sister, she spend it with her partner, and I with my honey! On Williams side of the family, his mom was {Read More}

Incredible Custom Home Architect

I have many times wanted to visit Florida, specifically city of Boca Raton, I have heard great things about it. My boyfriends father lives in Florida, not sure what part though, that’s a whole other story as to why I don’t know lol. But yeah we have had conversations about living there, but honestly I’m not a big fan of humidity, but hey if it’s anything like it is here, then I will be fine So I told him yeah {Read More}

Warm Up

Today has been cold all day, I think Fall is finally here. Summer was short and weird to say the least, I will miss it. So William had to go see a client, and he’s out late today, I miss him, I want a cuddle lol. I know he’ll be home soon. I hope he drives carefully. We had installers come in today, they were installing additional fire alarms, wow they really went over the top, there is on in {Read More}

Find Great Homes For Sale Near You

I’ve talked about looking for a home not too long ago, so I wanted to talk about it a bit more. I think during summer is one of the nicest times to really go looking for a house, although I think it’s important to look around during the winter as well. There are many things to think about when looking for a house, but first you need some place to start, so when I was looking I found Homes For {Read More}

Take Advantage of For Sale By Owner Homes

With the way the economy is these days, a lot of people are losing their homes, but on that same note, a lot of other people can benefit from it as well. I know it’s probably a mean thing to say, but it’s a reality as well. I’ve considered buying a house myself, sure it’s a scary thing, where to look, omgoodness what is the economy going to be 5 years from now, yada yada yada, thousands of questions that {Read More}