Are You Superstitious? Happy Friday the 13th!

I am, and am not superstitious. With some things I am, I do believe in ghosts, not to sure about the black cat and ladder bit, but I am still cautious, don’t hurt to be, right? The day is almost over, it’s 6:32 pm as I write this. The day has been okay, I was home all day, as that seems to be my itinerary for quite a while, it’s a long story, I won’t bore. Nothing really bad has {Read More}

Happy December & Happy Holidays!

Wow can you believe it? It’s already here, December!! Wow! Have you started your Christmas shopping? We have, thank goodness. I didn’t run out in the craze of Black Friday though, the boyfriend could not deal with all that noise lol. Yeah, I don’t blame him. In the news some guy threatened to shoot another, what the hell is this guy thinking? Really for a TV, my gosh guy get a life, seriously! It comes so fast, it’s just unbelievable. {Read More}

I Love My Ipsy Glam Bag (formerly known as myglam) Yay!

Ok so here I am with another monthly subscription service. This is Septembers glam bag. I really like this one. When I joined it was known as myglam, but it has recently changed to ipsy, I don’t know why they changed it, I guess I will have to check their website, I think myglam made more sense?! Lol. I guess they have a whole new section going on now, that includes more interaction from the subscribers like myself, so I {Read More}