What are dreams all about?

I guess a lot of people have different things to say about dreams. Are they dreams or nightmares, or can they be both. I guess they can. It depends on the individual I suppose. I guess I’m wondering, as I always do when I had a weird dream the night before. So what is my dream about. Ok since you are asking hehe It’s pretty vague, it gets like that the longer I wait to talk about it. But, it {Read More}

Julep Maven Box July 2012

Hey everyone. I know I’m slacking, but I got lots of posts coming. Because I am now doing a few things I wasn’t doing before. One of them being making videos and posting them on YouTube. Now my videos are nail art, make up, and the like related. So that is all they are about. I belong to a small community of ladies that like the same thing, so we all post our videos or our new nail sets and {Read More}