Woohoo #SuperBowl #Sunday, Go #Patriots!!

Oh yeah I think everyone especially US are looking forward to the Super Bowl game with the Patriots against the Giants!! It’s going to be a very good game. People are saying it can go either way, it’s down to Tom Brady to work his magic, and I really feel he will. It’s a great honor for them as it is to be going to the Super Bowl, the football games of football games!! There isn’t much to say but {Read More}

Is It Spring Yet?

Today was a very lovely day, the sun was out even though it was still a bit cold, but it was nice to see the sunshine today. I wasn’t out much today, but I would go outside to take a picture of this plant that is growing right by our door. We didn’t drop any seeds, and I’ve been watching it grow, and its blooming, so I’m going to show you what I found, if anyone knows what the flower {Read More}

Trees and Lights

Well a lot of people have already started putting up their lights, and trees. Strangely enough this year we haven’t yet. Last year we did it right after Thanksgiving. I suppose because our stuff was conveniently in one place, and now it’s in a storage place, so it’s not as handy as it was before. But we did get some lights up on the windows which I’m happy for. And they are so bright, neighbors aren’t quite as bright. When {Read More}

Happy Birthday Jackie!

Well I have been gone a few days, sorry I meant to blog sooner. So today is my sister Jackie’s birthday. She is living in California, and I am missing her very much today. I sent her a birthday text early in the morning so hopefully mine was the first yay lol. So today, we watched part of the Bruins hockey game, it was great, they went into overtime and then shoot out, that was fantastic, in the end we {Read More}