Happy Mother’s Day

We are having terrible weather on this Mother’s Day, however, that is not taking away from it being Mother’s Day. I choose to stay home today, as my honey took his mother to visit his Grandmother. I just felt I wasn’t going to be good company. I find it hard sometimes to socialize on days like this, oh my moms birthday also, I am doing better with Christmas though. He understands, and I know he would have liked me to {Read More}

Happy July! Summer is Here, Yay!

It’s finally here, summer! We have been waiting for a what seems like a long time, to finally get that awesome summer weather. I am so so happy. No more being cold, although it will get humid, and I’ll have just one more thing to complain about lol Our 5th anniversary is coming up in a few days, gosh I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already, and we aren’t even married, but we are engaged, I told that story {Read More}

Bullies? What Are They Thinking?

I was watching the Today show early this morning, and there was a segment from last month I believe. It discussed the videos that kids were putting on YouTube, in regards to asking if they were pretty or ugly? Youtube does not allow anyone under 13 to join but there were a lot of younger kids on there. No surprise there hey? Well these kids, they put themselves out there not knowing that bullies will come out of the wood {Read More}

Until Next Year

Wow Christmas is over as fast as it came, it’s gone! Yesterday before going to a family dinner, we stopped off and picked up some Christmas wrapping paper and bags, for 50% off, we were going to give some to William’s sister but they said they had plenty from the year before, so they didn’t need any. I think now we are set for like the next 2 years, unless we turn out wrapping a car!! Haha! At least we {Read More}

Sleepaway Camps Rock!

Remember when you were a kid, and you went off to camp every summer? Remember how much fun you had? Sure you were a bit scared, and probably home sick too, but oh the fun you had!! Well don’t you want your kids to have that much fun too? I know I would! Not only for my kids, but my niece and nephews and my friends kids, gosh just about every kid I can think of should experience such an {Read More}

God Bless Our Veterans

Seriously I am so thankful to each and every soldier that ever served, without them this world would be real chaos. They help keep the peace in whatever way they could, unfortunately some gave their lives, and because of this is why we should honor them on this day and everyday. I want to thank those that have come across in my life time that have served, and especially to those I hold dear to my heart, my brothers both {Read More}

Awesome Adirondack Camp

I can remember back when I was a kid and went camping, how exciting it sounded, and how much I wanted to go, but at the same time I thought about being away from my parents, and missing them terribly. Well soon after arriving at the campgrounds, everyone made it so incredibly amazing and fun, that I soon forgot (not forever though) about missing my family. I enjoyed my time there so much, I wanted to return every year. So {Read More}