Days Of Truth: Day 6

Okay so today we are going to do another Days Of Truth, if you are curious as to what I’m talking about, it’s a meme I started in October 2011, so you may want to go back into my archives and find it, and read what it’s all about. I would link you to it, but I’m feeling lazy right about now, sorry. Search feature is up there, or try via the calendar as well. Day 6: Something you hope {Read More}

What’s Tomorrow?

Well tomorrow is a landmark date, yes 11-11-11, what will you be doing this Friday? Anything special? To remember this day that will only come once in our lifetime. Wow! What a concept, imagine never seeing that date ever again, I guess we’re lucky in that way. I don’t know what I’ll be doing, probably the same stuff as usual, lol. I seen on TV earlier, that people may be doing crazy things on that day. Seems to have something {Read More}

What? Flurries? Srsly?

So I’m a bit sick, and I decided to do laundry last night, because I knew I was not going to want to do it early today. The reason why I say is because I felt that I would feel sicker, and well I did. Anyway just glad I got it done. So today feeling ill I didn’t feel like doing much. I really do think I should close the window in this room, it’s only open a few inches, {Read More}

Is It Really Over?

The end of the era for Harry Potter, wow I can’t believe it’s all over, it was pretty amazing to see the actors grow up on the screen though. All good things must come to and end eventually. I’ll be saying the same thing for Twilight as well. As there are only 2 parts left, ahh I love those films as well. But old things out, and new things in, there will be lots and lots of new things coming {Read More}

Trees and Lights

Well a lot of people have already started putting up their lights, and trees. Strangely enough this year we haven’t yet. Last year we did it right after Thanksgiving. I suppose because our stuff was conveniently in one place, and now it’s in a storage place, so it’s not as handy as it was before. But we did get some lights up on the windows which I’m happy for. And they are so bright, neighbors aren’t quite as bright. When {Read More}

Oh Yes It’s Friday!

Wow here it is again. Friday! TGIF!! My sister texted me last night, said she arrived early to San Francisco, they are there for today’s pre-season football game against Denver Broncos, Go 49ers!!! I hope she has a fantastic time, and that she returns home safely! I don’t have much of a weekend planned, watch a good film perhaps, do some laundry, help clean out a closet. Sounds like fun don’t it? I was just on Sodahead, and read this {Read More}