Hello September! Fall is Almost Here!

Nineteen days until the official first day of Fall! Wow, already so hard to believe. Just today I was looking out the kitchen window into the backyard and I saw a few leaves fall. I turned to William and told him, “I just saw a few leaves fall”. He says “bite your tongue”.  Yeah, I don’t think he is ready for Fall and to be quite honest, I’m not either. We are really enjoying our summer. During our Labor Day {Read More}

30 Days of Truth: Day 23 – Something You Wish You Had Done In Your Life

So here we are again, with another edition of the 30 Days of Truth. I am getting closer to the end. It’s day 23, yay! In my last segment of 30 Days of Truth, I shared something I don’t share very often, but I am glad I got feedback on it, I do appreciate that very much. It was a terrible thing to happen to me, because it not only affected my life but those around me as well, not {Read More}

S is for Sin City #AtoZChallenge

Well so we are on the letter S on this A to Z Challenge, we are really getting towards the end now. I’m not going to miss it lol. Sticking to a theme was hard, I started to find it boring after awhile, I think going random would of been a lot more fun, could of covered many topics Even though I love films and TV shows, I still would of gone random, maybe next time if I do it, {Read More}

Days Of Truth: Day 8

Well it was about time I did another DOT, I’m only on day 8, so I still have a ways to go. Day 8: Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit. Wow there have been a few people that pretty much made my life a living hell or treated me like shit. But in all honesty this one person left a mark on me, not only a physical mark but an emotional one that I have {Read More}