Many Changes Going On

There really are changes going on all around us. This past weekend is a perfect example. It was hot and humid and just plain gross haha. I liked the heat, but despised the humidity, thank goodness for air conditioning hehe. I can’t help but complain enough about the humidity. Anyway and look at today, a beautiful day, weather is perfect, i cannot complain, and i don’t need the air conditioning on either. This weather would of been nice over the {Read More}

Summer Weather!

Oh yes I am loving the weather, but not so much when it gets humid, I think by now everyone knows how much I hate it lol. I’m dealing though. So we are doing a BIG cleaning in the house, yes even throwing out what is old and not being used, and unsellable on eBay hehe. Omg!! Two of my favorite shows have finally come to an end, LOST and 24!! I personally didn’t like the ending to LOST, I {Read More}

Happy May!

Wow we are now into May, I am hoping for some really nice weather during May. The last few days have been warm which is really nice, but with that came some humidity which I’m not so crazy about! I have been so busy with my Ebay thing that I haven’t posted as often as I was before, so I apologise for that. I hope everyone is having some nice weather come their way as well. I’m sure you all {Read More}

Just Out Of It

Today I find myself just staring out the window, rather than getting busy doing my eBay thing. In about 2 hours we (William and myself) are going to his sisters house. As William made a date to babysit their 3 kids, adorable kids at that. Anyway, I’m sure by the time we get home, the will be shattered, those kids take a lot out of him. Mostly the oldest RJ gosh he hangs all over William like a cute little {Read More}

Lovely Sunny Days

That is what I am hoping for plenty of lovely sunny days, with that a change of theme. Now once summer comes it’ll be brutal, well for me anyway. I love the summer, but I don’t like the humidity it brings with it, especially out here. Now that may only last for a month, but it’s horrible, I am so irritated, and annoyed on those days, I feel so sorry for William, “Hey William I promised to handle it better {Read More}

It’s Been 9 Years

Time really does go by fast, it’s been 9 years since my mother passed away. Gosh how I miss her! I miss her voice, her laugh, even the way I would aggravate her, and then laugh about it. I miss her loving ways towards me. She was a very loving woman, I have such an empty space in my heart for her. When she passed away, it took me a long time to really begin to heal. We never really {Read More}

Did You Get Pinched?

Is anyone going to have a green beer today? I am *raises hand* hehe. I have never had a green beer, I know it’ silly, and it’s probably just food coloring in it, but it’s still fun because its St. Patrick’s Day, so today I will have a beer or two. And since I have William around me which is part Irish how better can it get, okay maybe if my friend Alice was around too that would rock, as {Read More}