Wishing For Warmer Weather

I was going to blog a bit about my disappointment with my dieting, a little drawback that is not going to happen again, more on this visit my other blog here, yeah I’ll speak more about it there. All I have to say is I’m not giving up. I won’t let it beat me this time. I wish I was this strong years ago. So it’s pretty much the end of January, and we’ll be going into February, yay! Hoping {Read More}

Lotto Mania! How Can You Not Want To Play It?!

Who doesn’t like to play lotto now and then? We definitely do in our household, we even go as far as to buy our yearly number, so we don’t forget to buy it each week, smart hey? I think so, it’s just one of those things you do in the event we forget. Well if you like playing the Lotto, and I know you do And how about them scratcher cards, those are awesome too, I know William has won {Read More}

As If The Economy Isn’t Bad Enough!

I know that the economy is really bad right now, but why do people feel they need to charge more for things? Don’t they realise they get less customers when they do that? I don’t understand the logic. I know that they (people/businesses) are trying to make up for losses, by over charging for things. I am talking about anything online and offline related. Everything seems to be going up .. and up … and up!! Things need to come {Read More}

I’m Not MIA, Not Really

I know it seems like I have been missing in action. I have been here, just under the radar. Been so busy with what seems like a million things, that when I finally get around to finishing one thing, it seems my time has expired, now that sucks. I blame it on Drop Dead Diva, this week I had been catching up with the show, today I finally finished season two, and wow what an ending to that, I can’t {Read More}

Love Instant Cash Sweepstakes

Omgoodness, who doesn’t like entering sweepstakes, you really don’t have much to lose, but a few minutes and that’s for filling out forms. You have to be nuts not to want to enter them. I’ve never been an instant cash sweepstakes winner before, but I have won stuff. Like online, I’ve entered a few things, won some prizes, it’s quite thrilling to be honest. I remember at one point in my life I use to say ‘m not going to {Read More}

Money Is Good, Yes?!

Bring me the money, gosh that probably has been used so much lol. I like it though, I am getting offers to write, so that is bringing me money in, yay for me. We can definitely use the money, and it’s really great to see offers come in, it brightens my day. Besides it helps to pay for my ebay fees hehe. I have two more that I need to do, but since I did one yesterday and then again {Read More}

A Future In Copywriting

Did you know that we are all writers in some form or another. From simply writing a letter, to blogging like I do. There are so many ways you can use that little skill to put money in your bank account, from doing stuff like I do, and blogging and getting paid for it, or going as far as copywriting, yeah there is money to be made there. You don’t know until you try, and you will be so surprised {Read More}