Happy Mother’s Day

We are having terrible weather on this Mother’s Day, however, that is not taking away from it being Mother’s Day. I choose to stay home today, as my honey took his mother to visit his Grandmother. I just felt I wasn’t going to be good company. I find it hard sometimes to socialize on days like this, oh my moms birthday also, I am doing better with Christmas though. He understands, and I know he would have liked me to {Read More}

Best Oldies Songs Ever

So I was reminiscing earlier today as we drove around, we took a nice drive around today, I had a nice time! Anyway as we drove around, we listed to the radio a bit, and usually I’ll want to listen to some rock, so I do what I do so best, I went switching around the stations and we came upon a radio station where they were playing the best oldies songs ever! As I mentioned earlier I was reminiscing. {Read More}

How Was Your Mother’s Day?

My mother’s day was all over the place. Not that I literally went everywhere, because it turned out we only went for a drive just to get out of the house, which was really nice by the way. There was a lot of emotions going around on Mother’s Day. As some of you may know, my mother passed away close to 10 years ago, so it does kind o suck on Mother’s Day, yes I shed a few tears because {Read More}