I Am Back, And Blogging!

Server moves are such a pain in the ass, especially if they don’t go according to plan. There are times things just happen, and it happened to me. I was so upset because at one point I thought I lost all my blog posts for the past 5 years. I blog a lot more these days, than I did when I first started. While I was in England I didn’t blog, I actually closed my blog for awhile, because my {Read More}

Staying After All

Well I’m happy to say that it turns out the new hosting company is keeping us with our current prices, so there will be no moving thank goodness. Although I am disappointed because I found out that other clients got a welcome email and I didn’t I even checked my spam, and I have received two other emails from the new hosting company so I know they have the correct email. So where is my welcome email? I know there {Read More}