I’ll be gone for a few days. I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to blog or not, but as you can see I blog every few days, even if I don’t have much to blog about. Sometimes I just do it because it makes me feel better. Right, anyway for the next few days we’ll be doing some heavy packing. I’ve been doing some off and on the last few days since Al left back to London. Al’s {Read More}

Monday, Monday..

I have this song in my head but I can’t think of what it is, haha don’t you just hate that? Well I have been plurking away at and it’s been fun, met a few nice people there, if you are a plurker then add me as a friend or just say hello or something, my user name is .. you guessed it “radchick” cause I am just so rad, NOT haha anyway its very similar to Twitter, but {Read More}