If At First You Don’t Succeed … Well You Know The Rest!?

I have mentioned in the past that I am teaching myself to do nails, and even though it looks easy on video, it really isn’t. First is gluing the tip on to the nail, you can leave air pockets, and then that can cause some kind of infection, so you have to be careful with that, then getting down the amount of acrylic liquid and acrylic powder turned out to be difficult for me last night. I had initially wanted {Read More}

Learning To Do Acrylic Nails Will Be Fun!

Well I certainly didn’t expect to start May with showers, those are suppose to be for April only hehe. I really didn’t expect it to rain today, then again I didn’t watch a lot of the news, so I guess that is a bit of a surprise. Currently they have been installing new roof on the entire complex, this past week it was so super loud, but I am happy they moved on to another part of the complex, so {Read More}