Sleepaway Camps Rock!

Remember when you were a kid, and you went off to camp every summer? Remember how much fun you had? Sure you were a bit scared, and probably home sick too, but oh the fun you had!! Well don’t you want your kids to have that much fun too? I know I would! Not only for my kids, but my niece and nephews and my friends kids, gosh just about every kid I can think of should experience such an {Read More}


Ok, so I had finally decided with a few other friends, to move to a new server. On one of my websites, the downtime has been ridiculous, and it just wasn’t worth it anymore. Even though I still have 6 months left on that hosting, the downtime is just so disruptive, so I have decided to move. We are buying a reseller which is fantastic. I’m excited about it, but at the same time I’m in charge so more responsibility {Read More}

Goodbye 2010

Wow what a year, so much has happened in the past two years, I’m so grateful for having William in my life. He has shown me what love really is. I’m so happy to be ringing in the New Year with him, in our cosy living room, doing what we love to do. That will probably be something simple such as watching Supernatural, playing some ps3, but what makes it so special is that he will be with me, and {Read More}

March Madness

Wow I can’t believe it’s March already omgosh where does time go? I bet everyone and their second cousins says that hehe. There are a lot of birthdays in March for me, my brothers, father’s, nieces birthday, and my lovely friend Steve, and also Williams sister Jaime all have birthdays this month, sad to say, it’s the month my dear mother passed away. It’s really hard for everyone when March rolls around, but I can only imagine how my brother {Read More}

So Terribly Sad

Did you all hear about the killer whale that killed it’s trainer, Dawn Brancheau at SeaWorld Orlando? Omgosh!! It’s killed before and they still let it out with trainers, this is such a sad story. I feel so bad for the family, what is going to be done? Are they going to let it be trained by another person and have all that happen again, didn’t they learn the first time? It should of been enough personally with the first {Read More}