Did You Get Pranked Yet?!

Happy April Fool’s Day, now I would like very much to pull a prank on someone, but I don’t know who, or what to do. So I have to think fast haha!! Did you get pranked yet? I haven’t, I don’t expect to either, I don’t believe anyone has ever pranked me. Ahh well they are too scared to prank me So before I go on, I wanted to wish my good friend Derek a very happy birthday!! I don’t {Read More}

Netflix Rocks~

It really does, rock that is! I mean we can even use PS3 to be able to watch films or TV shows from Netflix, it’s just so awesome. We are catching up with LOST, and a few other shows. I can’t brag enough about it. I’m sure there are a lot of people that agree with me. So the weekend is almost over, dinner is in the oven and I am getting hungry. We haven’t rearranged the living room and {Read More}

So much, too little time

I am still updating my directory, there is a lot of pending, but I am trying to get through them as quickly as possible. The good and bad thing about it is, some of the pendings were dead links, so I guess you can say that is good because they would of been removed anyway. So Yay! I am tryingto update this site more often, I do miss blogging, and as you all know I do keep most of my {Read More}