Back To School Time!

So I don’t have any kids, I have nieces and nephews all probably out of school with the exception of my darling youngest niece Beth, she is just too adorable, reddish hair and lots of freckles such a cutie. She is too adorable, but now I find out she is going by the name Lizzy, how cute is that. When I think of the name Lizzy, I think of Lizzy Borden, lol, if you all know who that is. But {Read More}

Service Interruption Due To Server Move

After about 7 years with Steadfast, they sold the shared hosting accounts over to Fluid Hosting, we weren’t really aware of it, until they had already decided to sell, the accounts we’re moved with no disruption, which was great, but it was time to move hosts. They are top notch!! So why am I moving? Well they are so expensive lol. Sorry but it’s a fact, we are all in a financial crisis. Ok I won’t exaggerate about the crisis, {Read More}

Until Next Year

Wow Christmas is over as fast as it came, it’s gone! Yesterday before going to a family dinner, we stopped off and picked up some Christmas wrapping paper and bags, for 50% off, we were going to give some to William’s sister but they said they had plenty from the year before, so they didn’t need any. I think now we are set for like the next 2 years, unless we turn out wrapping a car!! Haha! At least we {Read More}

30 Days Of Truth: Day 5

Well I don’t know what is up with me. I just felt like doing another one of these yay! Haha, I wish I could put sound effects to my blog, so when you see ‘yay’, you can also hear it, yeah it would get annoying after awhile, then again I don’t do it much, maybe once in a blog post. Okay here goes with Day 5! Question: Something you hope to do in your life. Wow, well I’m getting way {Read More}

Sleepaway Camps Rock!

Remember when you were a kid, and you went off to camp every summer? Remember how much fun you had? Sure you were a bit scared, and probably home sick too, but oh the fun you had!! Well don’t you want your kids to have that much fun too? I know I would! Not only for my kids, but my niece and nephews and my friends kids, gosh just about every kid I can think of should experience such an {Read More}


Ok, so I had finally decided with a few other friends, to move to a new server. On one of my websites, the downtime has been ridiculous, and it just wasn’t worth it anymore. Even though I still have 6 months left on that hosting, the downtime is just so disruptive, so I have decided to move. We are buying a reseller which is fantastic. I’m excited about it, but at the same time I’m in charge so more responsibility {Read More}

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s upon us, it’s like tomorrow! Yeah Thanksgiving. This year we are going to Williams uncle Steve’s house to have a super nice Thanksgiving dinner. I have never been there, so I will feel awkward as I usually do lol. I had a blouse picked out for Thanksgiving, I tried it on last night, and didn’t like how it looked, so I was a bit disappointed about that. So have to pick another, which I’m okay with, it’s a cheery {Read More}