Stores pushing Christmas, let me enjoy Fall!?!?

I am surprised to see we were in the first week of October, and stores are already pushing Christmas, my gosh, give me some time to enjoy Fall. This past weekend, I shot a clip of the changing colors in the trees, it is looking so beautiful, check it out, I want to enjoy every little bit of Fall from leaves changing color, to them falling to the ground!! Even Dollar Tree has its catalog out, and Halloween hasn’t come {Read More}

Holidays Roll In

Looks like it’s finally that time of the year, when the Holidays roll in and just pop up one after another. Are you ready? I’m not sure if I am. I think I am. I’ve gotten a head start on getting Williams Christmas gifts so I’m happy with that, his birthday passed in October so that is taken care of. First is Thanksgiving, we aren’t making our own, we’re going to his Uncles/Aunts house for Thanksgiving dinner. I have never {Read More}

Hello November

Gosh October has just flown by. Where does time go? It goes way too fast, and I seem to always say this. So the last few days, I have been feeling miserable, with this cold & cough that won’t go away, it sucks so badly. I’ll get over it soon. William my sweet boyfriend has been so good, taking care of me. I hope he don’t catch it. See boyfriends are good for something. No I’m kidding, they are good {Read More}