March Madness

Wow I can’t believe it’s March already omgosh where does time go? I bet everyone and their second cousins says that hehe. There are a lot of birthdays in March for me, my brothers, father’s, nieces birthday, and my lovely friend Steve, and also Williams sister Jaime all have birthdays this month, sad to say, it’s the month my dear mother passed away. It’s really hard for everyone when March rolls around, but I can only imagine how my brother {Read More}

At A Moments Notice

It’s amazing how things can change at a moments notice. When you feel finally you are getting somewhere, then things go to shit! I won’t bore you with my life’s details, but yeah. I had mentioned before I wanted to get a :dog: , but I think I won’t be able to after all. Circumstances have changed, and well I have to change with them. It was really nice thinking about it. I never had my very own dog before, {Read More}

On to book 3

Wow I can’t believe I’m well into book 3 now, I just love the Twilight series, it’s so awesome Eclipse started out so sad but I was literally shocked the way Edward asked her to marry him, my mouth dropped literally, then my eyes got watery, I’m such a softy lol. Okay I’ll stop there, sorry if I ruined it for anyone just reading it. Anyway did you all catch the Olympics?? Wow it was so awesome to watch, I {Read More}

Wow 27 Gold so far!

I’m guessing everyone is watching some part of the Olympics, I’ve been watching like every day off and on, and wow Team USA has 27 Gold, 28 Silver, and 28 Bronze, thats great isn’t it? We are leading in the most medals won but China has won like 45 so they are doing fantastic eh? There is so much controversy going on, with competitors cheating, or not calling the penalties correctly, so much drama going on. It’s still exciting to {Read More}