A Lot Of Great Magazines, With Great Articles

I have subscribed to a few great magazines, that have some really great articles, and I so want to share some of them with my visitors. The problem is, I’m not too sure what the copyrights are on that kind of thing. I would probably want to share exactly what they talk about because it’s useful information. If I read it, I’d be interested in them, and I feel my visitors would too. So with that said, how do I {Read More}

30 Days Of Truth: Day 15: Something Or Someone You Couldn’t Live Without, Because You’ve Tried Living Without It

Wow this can go either way, I can talk about what gadget/person I can’t live without, hmm what shall I do? Maybe touch on both? I honestly do not think, but if I had to, I would can live without my wonderful beautiful mobile phone Nexus, it’s not bulky it can fit in my hand, and my bag. Opposed to a laptop which I adore but it is bulky, and I can do a lot of things on my phone {Read More}