I Love Boston!

I sat here for a few seconds, thinking of what to title this. I mean so much has happened in the past few days, I don’t know where to start. It’s just all horrible, sad, depressing, scary, so many emotions going through oneself. Just today, there has been bomb threats, two I believe, turned out to be false. Still people are on the edge of their seats. What to think, what to do. I know life must go on. Speaking {Read More}

Papercraft is so cool!

I’m really excited about this, I got all 3 books from the Twilight saga series by Stephenie Meyer, and well the 4th is coming out Aug 2nd, 2008. I wanted to catch up, hopefully before it comes out. I kept hearing about the book so naturally I got curious. I went to amazon and looked up Twilight, and it had the first chapter there, and well after reading the first chapter I knew I had to read them all. So {Read More}