Has She Really Been Gone That Long?!?

Sometimes it seems like just yesterday, I would here her call out my name, wondering where I am. Twelve years later, here I am writing a blog on the day of her anniversary of her passing. Never in my wildest younger years, I thought I would lose my mom. All I have to say to you folks out there, don’t take the time you have with your parents for granted. Now I’m not a silly girl, I know some people, {Read More}

30 Days Of Truth – Day 12: Something You Never Get Compliments On

Ok so saying I ‘never’ get compliments on something, is going a bit to far because honestly everyone gets compliments about something at some time in their life time, even if they don’t remember, I am pretty sure they have. At first I was going to say I never got compliments on my smile, but I am glad I thought about it because even though I don’t get ‘as much’ compliments on my smile, I have indeed gotten them. Especially {Read More}

Awesome Adirondack Camp

I can remember back when I was a kid and went camping, how exciting it sounded, and how much I wanted to go, but at the same time I thought about being away from my parents, and missing them terribly. Well soon after arriving at the campgrounds, everyone made it so incredibly amazing and fun, that I soon forgot (not forever though) about missing my family. I enjoyed my time there so much, I wanted to return every year. So {Read More}

Stylish Senior Living Residences

Not too long ago, I had talked about senior living residences, and I have seen a few website that have some amazing places to live. I am jealous at the comforts they have at these residences, these places are amazing. I know I shouldn’t be jealous, I mean these senior citizens have lived a long life, and it’s time they live in the best comforts one can find. I know personally if it ever came time to seek a place {Read More}