Beautiful Day Out

We had a shopping trip today to Target, but we decided to check Walmart to see if the prices were less for what we were looking for and they were. I have to blame myself for breaking our portable heater, last year I got zapped (static electricity) and the off function wouldn’t work anymore. So we resorted to unplugging and plugging in, I know that probably could of been dangerous but thank the Lord that it hadn’t caused a fire {Read More}

What’s Tomorrow?

Well tomorrow is a landmark date, yes 11-11-11, what will you be doing this Friday? Anything special? To remember this day that will only come once in our lifetime. Wow! What a concept, imagine never seeing that date ever again, I guess we’re lucky in that way. I don’t know what I’ll be doing, probably the same stuff as usual, lol. I seen on TV earlier, that people may be doing crazy things on that day. Seems to have something {Read More}