Addition To The Family!!

Yes, I’m so excited, finally after 3 years. I asked and prayed and it finally happened we are getting a kitten, a siamese kitten, woohoo. I know you thought I was pregnant, but no not happening, next best thing though hehe. I’ve wanted a kitten ever since I was living in the UK, but I am happy I waited until I was back in the USA. I’m in a great relationship, 4 years into it, we are engaged to be {Read More}

Julep In July, I know I’m Late

I know it’s August, but I do have my Julep in July subscription I wanted to share so here it is. It shouldn’t be very long. It’s only 3 colors, amazing colors by the way. The theme for July was The California Coast Collection, and they are very pretty colors. These are gorgeous colors, true sense of summer. I just love them. Here is a swatch of each one, with only one coat. 1. Angela ~ Deep in the ocean. {Read More}

Snowmageddon 2013!

LOL, inside joke. Well Williams work friends were all talking, and one comes up with Snowmageddon, and another comes up with Snowpocalypse LOL. I found it so funny, I just had to use it for a title. Even though the blizzard of 2013 is no joke. Thousands of people without electricity and heat, it’s just horrible and scary. But the city is helping. Yesterday, the Governor declared everyone stay off the road after 4 pm, as some places experienced white {Read More}

Bored? Play Online? Love Pinball Games?

Ok so I know of a website that has a huge assortment of games, but what you don’t find, well I haven’t or maybe I just didn’t look, is pinball games!!! Yeah I love playing pin ball games in real life, so if I’m bored and want some play time, and I just have the itching to play some pinball, then yeah I go and find me list of website which includes, yeah it’s a fantastic website, loaded up {Read More}

Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover!

This has been said over and over again. Judging people before even getting to know them. That really get’s to me, but you know on that same note, I think in some way or another we all do it, instinctively when we meet someone, we haven’t got to know them or anything, but right away we are judging if we like this person or not! Why do we do this? I don’t know, but I’m sure there are plenty of {Read More}

Tree Trimming Fun

I couldn’t believe how exhausted I got this weekend. Is it age or what? Well I’m sure that is a factor, and also the fact I’m over weight ugh! There are always a number of factors. Anyway I had a busy weekend. Did a lot of laundry, but still have a lot to do lol. I needed a break, so I will continue that tomorrow, gosh may take an extra day, so I’m seeing at two extra days worth of {Read More}

Hello March

And with March here now, are we going to see some lovely warm weather? I hope so. As I look through the window I see the sun casting some love onto the house, yes some nice sunlight, ahh I can just imagine how warm it feels on my skin. I am looking forward to the warmer days ahead! Then before you know it, I’ll be complaining about how hot it is lol. So I’ve been doing my eBay thing, not {Read More}