Happy Spring? Maybe? Yes?

Happy spring everyone! At least it’s supposed to be spring, it’s still a bit winter here. Yesterday was the first day of spring, and as I look out my window I see some snow on the ground still, and yet earlier today I was looking online and I seen that were supposed to be getting another storm coming through, so I might be getting more snow, if not snow, then rain. So when does my spring actually begin? I really {Read More}

Is It Spring Yet?

Today was a very lovely day, the sun was out even though it was still a bit cold, but it was nice to see the sunshine today. I wasn’t out much today, but I would go outside to take a picture of this plant that is growing right by our door. We didn’t drop any seeds, and I’ve been watching it grow, and its blooming, so I’m going to show you what I found, if anyone knows what the flower {Read More}