A Little Of This & That!

I feel like I am every where lately. I’m trying to work on multiple things at once. Does that make things go slower? Perhaps, but it gives me satisfaction that I’m doing something, and not just forgetting about everything and focusing on one thing. I try to spread my time over several things. Although I have to admit I am focusing a little more on the directory, which I am diligently working on. I’m almost close to being done, and {Read More}

I Think It’s Really Here

Yeah Fall is definitely here. Oh my goodness I can feel it in my bones, literally lol. No joking. My knees hurt more, when it’s cold. I can’t really have the windows open anymore, although I have to say less bugs come inside, I’m such a bugophobic haha, you know what I mean. I hate bugs like no one has ever seen. I think if someone ever played a really cruel joke on me that involved bugs like spiders or {Read More}

Inconsiderate People

I have a rant, it’s about inconsiderate people. Ok I have several domains, that I am trying to keep up with and update. Sometimes I just don’t have the time to do it. Anyway at Pixelfx.org I host people, for nothing!! Not one little penny yes? Okay so I ask very simple things from these people. Keep in touch with me, let me know you are going to go on hiatus for more than a month, notify me when you {Read More}