Hello November

Gosh October has just flown by. Where does time go? It goes way too fast, and I seem to always say this. So the last few days, I have been feeling miserable, with this cold & cough that won’t go away, it sucks so badly. I’ll get over it soon. William my sweet boyfriend has been so good, taking care of me. I hope he don’t catch it. See boyfriends are good for something. No I’m kidding, they are good {Read More}

Super Pooped

Omg we went on a shopping trip to Target, yes I love shopping there, always get great deals, saved like $40, which is fantastic, if you use a combination of coupons, Target and Manufacturer, no we are not extreme shoppers, but we will save where we can, and I try to almost always use coupons when I go shopping, for everything even clothing, heck I even got a coupon for $2 off a pair of jeans for Women or Men, {Read More}

I’m Not MIA, Not Really

I know it seems like I have been missing in action. I have been here, just under the radar. Been so busy with what seems like a million things, that when I finally get around to finishing one thing, it seems my time has expired, now that sucks. I blame it on Drop Dead Diva, this week I had been catching up with the show, today I finally finished season two, and wow what an ending to that, I can’t {Read More}

Sick People Out There

Today I was basically very lazy lol. Usually I’m up doing things, but today, I was up early but after William left for work, I didn’t feel like getting on the laptop, so I surfed Netflix to watch something. I came across this film called Snuff: A Documentary about killing on camera. What is snuff, exactly what that title says, some sick people out there, that film real life people being killed, and send out the films for profit. I {Read More}

Early Valentine

Well I thought it would be fun, to have a Valentine’s theme up, so here it is, simple but cute I feel. Oh this morning I woke up to a bit of snow fall which is really nice, makes things a bit colder, but it’s always so nice to see. Last night the first episode of the last season of LOST was on, I didn’t watch it because I still have 1 episode left of season five, so today I’ll {Read More}

Oh Yes It’s Friday!

Wow here it is again. Friday! TGIF!! My sister texted me last night, said she arrived early to San Francisco, they are there for today’s pre-season football game against Denver Broncos, Go 49ers!!! I hope she has a fantastic time, and that she returns home safely! I don’t have much of a weekend planned, watch a good film perhaps, do some laundry, help clean out a closet. Sounds like fun don’t it? I was just on Sodahead, and read this {Read More}

Muggy In July

I have settled in Massachusetts, and am happy, the only thing i’m not thrilled about is the humidity, now while in California, we got humid weather there too. I’m not saying it don’t. I just feel like complaining about it, and maybe it’ll go away lol. Not happening hey? Lol, i didn’t think so. It sucks actually. I don’t think I can find one person that would be happy that it’s humid. I remember when I arrived in London, back {Read More}