What?? The end of January already?

Wow, just Wow! I cannot believe it is the end of January already!! I have been having fun, though, making little Valentine DIYs. Oh my gosh how Pinterest is so inspirational! Thank you so much!! I lack creativity it seems lol. I will post a few of the little DIYs I have done, as mentioned, very small, nothing spectacular! But they were fun to make! Cute right?? So lately I have been thinking of opening yet another website. I have {Read More}

A New Set & So Very Pleased With My Nails

Ok so in the past I have talked about doing my own nails, and I have. I first experienced with the less expensive products, which I failed at, you can tell if you look back at my blog, and view the pictures of the train wreck. So I put off doing them, instead I stocked up on supplies, but now that I have done that. I wanted to give it another go, which I did on my own nails, since {Read More}