My Mind Is In A Fog

I woke up at around 5 am to feed my girls, (Daisy and Lily) my cats, yes I am a fur mommy. They won’t let you sleep if you don’t tend to them. I love my girls though, so I am happy to get up and feed them. You rarely find one without the other, 2 peas in a pod I decide to stay up, as I had a couple of packages to get out to the post today, and {Read More}

Love Instant Cash Sweepstakes

Omgoodness, who doesn’t like entering sweepstakes, you really don’t have much to lose, but a few minutes and that’s for filling out forms. You have to be nuts not to want to enter them. I’ve never been an instant cash sweepstakes winner before, but I have won stuff. Like online, I’ve entered a few things, won some prizes, it’s quite thrilling to be honest. I remember at one point in my life I use to say ‘m not going to {Read More}