Happy October 1st, Bring On The Fall~

Wow I cannot believe that summer is really gone, I can’t say I’m sad it’s gone. Summer was nice for a change, the humidity surprisingly wasn’t all that bad this year. Although I have to say we (William and myself) didn’t get to do as much as we wanted to this summer. We really wanted to go to the drive in more often, since those are pretty much almost completely obsolete, so it’s nice to know we have a couple {Read More}

Utterly Happy

I can’t complain, well actually I can, and I usually do, because this is the place to do it :laugh: but I’ll spare the visitors the crappy part of life. I’m happy, my eBay stuff is taking off great, I know eventually I’ll run out of things to sell, but I’ll search high and low for more bargains, at the moment I am selling my stuff and friends stuff, there are some things we bought as well to add to {Read More}

A 50 incher!

Well there isn’t any major changes going on really. Oh yeah we got a new TV woohoo!! I was going to say when we got it, but thought I’d hold back hehe. Yeah we broke down and got a 50 inch HDTV woohoo go us!!!! I’m so excited, we both are. William can’t get over how big it is!!! I mean really BIG!!!! Everything looks so awesome on it! So now when he plays Playstation games, its HUGE hahaha. The {Read More}

Grouchy People

On occasion I get grouchy, and I let people know that I am a bit on the grouchy side. So that they don’t interact with me lol. So when I ask someone are they annoyed, am I annoying them, and they say no but it’s plainly obvious to me that they are! Then what am I suppose to do? Continue talking to them and allow them to get grouchier to the point they finally snap at me? FFS!! As soon {Read More}

Spending Money

We went on a little shopping trip today, we went to get some curtains for the kitchen, a little change will be cool, a valance for the front door, a blender, a big clock for the living room, it looks really nice. Gosh we got home, had a quick bite to eat, put up the valance and clock, now I’m tired :yawn: So I thought I’d come on and see what’s up on here, I realised I haven’t posted since {Read More}