Review: RADICAL Skincare ~ Instant Revitalizing Mask

I have to apologise for the lateness of this review, but with the holidays right on top of us, I really wanted to spend it with family and not reviewing something. So I had to put it off, but the time did not go to waste. In order to do the review, I must try the product first, win win situation. What am I reviewing? The Instant Revitalizing Mask by Radical Skincare. Now I know there are tons and tons {Read More}

Review: Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford

I come to you with another review for this anti-aging product. This comes as compliments of influenster the word of mouth website, where you can try products for free, and I opted to try this. I am in my late 40’s and think it’s time to start using anti-aging products. I don’t have very many wrinkles for my age, which surprises people, but I am starting to see I need a little help Which is not a bad. I’ve pretty {Read More}

Review: MicroTouch SwitchBlade

I had high hopes for this MicroTouch SwitchBlade, but I was disappointed. William has always had short hair, I cut his hair on a regular basis, and I know what works and doesn’t. He does tidy up on parts I may over look. Having a good trimmer to touch up is essential. I broke his last razor by accident, so I had to replace it. I first seen the advertisement on TV for this product and thought ‘hmm’ maybe I {Read More}

Review: Flips Audio HD Headphones

Hey everyone! So I am doing a review for you and an unboxing, I wanted to share my personal opinion on this product. This review is for Flips Audio headphones that flip to powerful speakers, you can check them out at I am really excited about doing this review, before getting these headphones, I had purchased another pair of headphones. Definitely NOT HD or anything like these, so it was fun to compare them to myself. I was given {Read More}

Review Caswell-Massy! And Hello! I Haven’t Forgotten

I guess that title is kind of a lie, it’s obvious I forgot to post a blog lol. I am here just keeping busy. With what? Well believe it or not YouTube keeps me busy, not only watching, but creating my videos, editing them and uploading, it takes a lot more time than one thinks, my videos average 5-9 mins, i know it’s long, I try so much to cut out as much as possible. So i think the editing {Read More}

Trying To Save Money Anyway I Can

OK so I think I had mentioned that I wanted to try to do my own nails. Well while I waited for some more supplies that I needed, I went ahead and purchased the All Season Quick Dip Powder System, it cost $15.99 at Sally Beauty, a wonderful website, and even better store go stop in and do a shop. So as I said I tried this out today. I have some pro’s and con’s with this. Pro’s: It’s fast, {Read More}