Review: Flips Audio HD Headphones

Hey everyone! So I am doing a review for you and an unboxing, I wanted to share my personal opinion on this product. This review is for Flips Audio headphones that flip to powerful speakers, you can check them out at I am really excited about doing this review, before getting these headphones, I had purchased another pair of headphones. Definitely NOT HD or anything like these, so it was fun to compare them to myself. I was given {Read More}

A Little Extra!

So I guess you probably figured out I get paid to blog a post here and there. It’s pretty easy, and I do have a lot of fun doing it, because I discover so many new things, and I get to share all with my readers, even if you are all a little shy to leave a comment, which is perfectly okay with me. I’ll just babble on as I usually do I like to write about interesting things, and {Read More}