The Hustle and Bustle

It is that time of the year, to get very busy. And I have been since November, hence why I haven’t posted yet. But here I am posting about a video I just uploaded to YouTube. What is it? A haul, a huge haul. It actually consists of Christmas items, and some planner stickers and lots of DIY/Crafting items that I wanted/needed. Oh and look at those cute throw pillows, how can you not like them, and not want to {Read More}

Cat Surgery – #Daisy Is a Trooper!

So my sweet little Daisy was spayed recently. I knew it would eventually come when this had to be done. A lot of good reasons to do this to your cat, I don’t have to list them as I know you already know, and you don’t need to be lectured on it. I have to admit though, I was nervous, in my mind I often thought of worse case scenarios. I quickly snapped out of that though. We get up {Read More}