My Nail Supply Collection Is Growing

I am really happy about getting my nail collection sorted, I like finding the things I will be using at really reasonable prices. Like from ebay, they have hoards of great stuff, and really super low prices, coming from like Hong Kong, China, it’s incredible, most of them are free shipping too. So you know I pick up quite a bit there. On occasion I got to Michaels or Jo-Ann’s and get stuff on sale, and yes I do buy {Read More}

Learning To Do Acrylic Nails Will Be Fun!

Well I certainly didn’t expect to start May with showers, those are suppose to be for April only hehe. I really didn’t expect it to rain today, then again I didn’t watch a lot of the news, so I guess that is a bit of a surprise. Currently they have been installing new roof on the entire complex, this past week it was so super loud, but I am happy they moved on to another part of the complex, so {Read More}

Awesome Adirondack Camp

I can remember back when I was a kid and went camping, how exciting it sounded, and how much I wanted to go, but at the same time I thought about being away from my parents, and missing them terribly. Well soon after arriving at the campgrounds, everyone made it so incredibly amazing and fun, that I soon forgot (not forever though) about missing my family. I enjoyed my time there so much, I wanted to return every year. So {Read More}