Gobble Gobble!~

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and for those of you who do not celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have a beautiful weekend, and you stay safe out there, with all the Black Friday craze We had a very lovely dinner at my boyfriends family members house. Everything was so so delicious, there were at least 5 different pies!! Wow right? Yeah it was amazing, we brought 2 lol. Everything was beautiful, it was so very nice to see everyone again. These big {Read More}

Cravebox – The Dog Lovers Cravebox – Limited Edition

Who doesn’t love dogs, well I suppose there are some people that don’t like dogs or cats or any kind of pets. I do, even though I don’t have any dogs, we did have a dog, but he passed away like 2 years ago I know sad. But on the bright side, I do have a pet fish, and his name is Dexter and I really need to clean his tank out like today! So once I’m done here, I’m {Read More}

December Is Here!

Wow I just can’t believe how quickly it got here, super fast to be quite honest! Does that mean the faster it comes, the older we are getting? Because I could swear time went super slow when I was in high school hehe. I guess so. So today, we opened up day 1 of our advent calendar, woohoo this is so much fun. You know the reason I say it’s so much fun is because I never really got to {Read More}