I Think It’s Really Here!

After what seems like a very long long winter, I think Spring is really really here. Even though it still a little chilly at night, and we did get some rain last night, with some loud thunder and lightening, odd I know, but I chalk that up to being Spring Showers. I left my window open last night, and it’s till open now, and it is just absolutely gorgeous. My hunny William messaged me and told me, it’s such a {Read More}

Learning To Do Acrylic Nails Will Be Fun!

Well I certainly didn’t expect to start May with showers, those are suppose to be for April only hehe. I really didn’t expect it to rain today, then again I didn’t watch a lot of the news, so I guess that is a bit of a surprise. Currently they have been installing new roof on the entire complex, this past week it was so super loud, but I am happy they moved on to another part of the complex, so {Read More}