Happy May Day Ya’ll

What a way to start the month of May, with beautiful weather, it hit 70 at one point today, which is absolutely fantastic, I’m actually wearing a sleeveless top yay! I hope to see many more awesome days like today. So what have I been doing, well I have been recording a few videos for my YouTube channel, and just trying to get things sorted in my hobby/craft/nail room. I’m not getting anywhere to be honest. I have managed to {Read More}

Cravebox – The Dog Lovers Cravebox – Limited Edition

Who doesn’t love dogs, well I suppose there are some people that don’t like dogs or cats or any kind of pets. I do, even though I don’t have any dogs, we did have a dog, but he passed away like 2 years ago I know sad. But on the bright side, I do have a pet fish, and his name is Dexter and I really need to clean his tank out like today! So once I’m done here, I’m {Read More}

July/August Glossybox 2012 ~ Summer Nights

It’s that time again, can you believe it, Glossybox has arrived, and I was not disappointed. If you don’t know what glossybox is, then please read my first post about it here, to catch up on what it is. I have to say even thought this box is a bit pricy, I really love the contents, the box alone would cost a good amount, maybe that is why the box is more expensive then the other boxes? Hmm yeah, maybe {Read More}

August Julep Maven Box 2012, Yay!

I’ve talked about Julep Maven before, in one of my older posts here, if you are interested in knowing more about it, please click the link, and read up! Briefly, Julep Maven is a monthly subscription service that has a few different options or packages that you can have delivered to you free of charge, the shipping is free that is heh. The monthly subscription is $14.00 per month, yes it’s a bit pricey, it’s probably one I should really {Read More}

June Glossybox 2012 ~ Summer Simplicity

I’m here again with another one of my subscriptions I have joined, and am very happy with. This one is called Glossbox. It just recently came to the U.S.A. it was only in the U.K, but it is here, and I’m glad I am part of it. It’s a monthly subscription, this one is $21.00 a month, the product sizes are decent, they are travel size, although some of them could be a little bigger. I over all am happy {Read More}