Do Gadgets Run Your Life?

I’ll be the first to say, I my gadgets, but do they run my life?? No, not really, but we are dependent on them, to make life easier, quicker and be social without really being social, LOL. Does that make sense?? It does in my head. How many of you find yourself taking your phone to the restroom, when you really shouldn’t?? *raises hand*, yeah I admit it, I can’t help it, I should take a magazine lol. Reading should {Read More}

A Lot Of Great Magazines, With Great Articles

I have subscribed to a few great magazines, that have some really great articles, and I so want to share some of them with my visitors. The problem is, I’m not too sure what the copyrights are on that kind of thing. I would probably want to share exactly what they talk about because it’s useful information. If I read it, I’d be interested in them, and I feel my visitors would too. So with that said, how do I {Read More}

They Go So Fast!

I can’t believe how fast the weekends just zoom on past us! Where is time going, why is it going faster and faster as we get older and older, I don’t get it lol. Do you? If you do please tell me what’s up? And what is up with the weather, it has been crazy! Raining one day, super hot the next, wow that is some craziness, at least it is out here in Massachusetts. The humidity is horrible, if {Read More}