Happy October 1st, Bring On The Fall~

Wow I cannot believe that summer is really gone, I can’t say I’m sad it’s gone. Summer was nice for a change, the humidity surprisingly wasn’t all that bad this year. Although I have to say we (William and myself) didn’t get to do as much as we wanted to this summer. We really wanted to go to the drive in more often, since those are pretty much almost completely obsolete, so it’s nice to know we have a couple {Read More}

A Little Of This & That!

I feel like I am every where lately. I’m trying to work on multiple things at once. Does that make things go slower? Perhaps, but it gives me satisfaction that I’m doing something, and not just forgetting about everything and focusing on one thing. I try to spread my time over several things. Although I have to admit I am focusing a little more on the directory, which I am diligently working on. I’m almost close to being done, and {Read More}

Pre-ordered Breaking Dawn!

I get so frustrated sometimes when trying to find an answer to something that should be easy. I’ve currently been trying to upgrade my script and convert my fanlistings from fanbase to enthusiasts, and well the only problem I have at the moment is trying to figure out what version I’m running, because to be honest I think I can recall only one upgrade. So now I have to wait for an answer, and meanwhile two of my fanlistings no {Read More}