5 Road Trip Essentials

5 Road Trip Essentials According to Booking.com, 25% of Americans were planning to go on an “epic” road trip in 2018. If you haven’t embarked on a journey like this before and hope to do so, be sure to keep these five road trip essentials in mind before taking off. Bring Soft Bags, Not Hard Suitcases It’s much easier to squeeze in a soft, duffle bag than a hard-shell suitcase into your car. You can use several of them if {Read More}

TV Show Finales

There are quite a few TV show finales happening. I just watched Big Brother Finale and I knew that Andy would win. It aired last night, but I can’t stand commercials, so I DVR it and watch it during my lunch It was quite a season, I disliked Amanda, not for her way of playing, but her personality, she claimed not to be a bully but she was, she was like a big brother stalker to Elissa lol, but Elissa {Read More}

Hustle and Bustle!

Now it gets really crazy, last minute shopping, Christmas parties, and all kinds of stuff. As I mentioned in my last post, on Sunday we are going to Williams sisters house for Christmas dinner, which will be nice. But the weather is going to be crazy that night, I hear possible snow *brr* get cold just thinking of it. Although I welcome it, living in California most of my life, I rarely seen snow, and if I did, it was {Read More}