Four Days & Counting

Not that it’s bad, but yes 4 days until Alice returns to England, aww I’ll miss her, she did a lot while being here in the US. Seen a lot of friends, went to several states. I hope one day to be able to go around Europe like that, it would be so much fun. I had a chance to go to a few places like Ireland, Spain, England, but I want to see more. Well I am being distracted {Read More}

Drawing Blanks

That’s how I feel today. I feel like I’m numb. I came back and forth to the laptop today, but stared at the empty ‘add new post’ page, and thought “I don’t know what to write about” is it a writers block? Perhaps, I actually was going to do a PPP but it expired, I should of done it yesterday, foolish me *sigh* I know there will be more to come along. Well today is the beginning of hell week {Read More}

No Trailer Yet!?

The weekend has come again. It’s going to be a chilly one too. We had light snow yesterday, or was that the day before? In any case, we did. So that has left the air chilly, a real reason to grab a sweater and drink some hot cocoa No big plans, I’m accompanying William to his sisters on Saturday, as he’s going to do some babysitting, and I didn’t feel like being home alone. Besides I wanted to go and {Read More}

New Moon, Star Trek!

I meant to post yesterday, but then a lot came up and I didn’t get to. So now I am doing it late in the day lol. My title is about films, so many coming out and have came out. Star Trek for one, The Plan, New Moon! All I plan to see, but tonight I will be seeing Star Trek, yippie! Oh and my birthday is like 2 weeks away, and I’m excited, because lots of special things are {Read More}

I’m So Pissed Off!!

Ok i’ll tell you why I am so flipping pissed off. When I first heard that Stephenie Meyer was going to write a book from Edwards point of view, I was so thrilled and excited waiting to see when it would be done. So today I visit her website to see what songs she has for the soundtrack to the film. Well to my shock I read that someone that she trusted leaked out her unfinished book!!! OMG thats so {Read More}

Oi, I got book 4!

I’m really happy about this, I was expecting it sooner but it barely arrived. But I’m thrilled, I still have 2 books to read but just knowing I have the book has me thrilled. I’m reading New Moon at the moment and wow so much is happening to her. I won’t say more because I know people are still reading. But here is a picture of the lovely book. That I am going to be so thrilled to read but {Read More}

Papercraft is so cool!

I’m really excited about this, I got all 3 books from the Twilight saga series by Stephenie Meyer, and well the 4th is coming out Aug 2nd, 2008. I wanted to catch up, hopefully before it comes out. I kept hearing about the book so naturally I got curious. I went to amazon and looked up Twilight, and it had the first chapter there, and well after reading the first chapter I knew I had to read them all. So {Read More}