BzzAgent Campaign for Charmin Fresh Scent with Chamomile

It has been awhile since I posted about, but I finally got something to talk to you all about. I was pretty excited about receiving the Charmin Fresh Scent with Chamomile, yeah I know, it’s just toilet paper, and yes it is! But it was a freebie,and I enjoy my freebies, I have discovered so much awesome stuff when receiving freebies, this campaign is one of them, in turn, I introduce the product to my visitors, be it on {Read More}

Do Gadgets Run Your Life?

I’ll be the first to say, I my gadgets, but do they run my life?? No, not really, but we are dependent on them, to make life easier, quicker and be social without really being social, LOL. Does that make sense?? It does in my head. How many of you find yourself taking your phone to the restroom, when you really shouldn’t?? *raises hand*, yeah I admit it, I can’t help it, I should take a magazine lol. Reading should {Read More}

@Influenster Unboxing @Crest 3D White – Whitestrips

Have any of you heard or Well let me tell you a little bit about it. This is one of the websites that let’s you try certain products for free, as long as you share on social networks websites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc. I finally got around to joining. Filled out what I needed to, and waited to see if I would be chosen to receive a product. And at last I have. I’m sure you know {Read More}

I’m a BzzAgent! What’s a Bzz Agent you ask?

So you are wondering, what the heck is a Bzz Agent, well let me explain what a BzzAgent is firstly it’s the leading word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing company. BzzAgents are individuals that join the website. After a series of surveys, you qualify to try out a product, there are many types of products, you don’t get to choose, it is picked for you, according to how active you are on the website. Once you do get to try out a {Read More}

Listening To My Tweets! Pretty Cool, Hey?

I was browsing earlier today, and found an app on my Android phone, that allows me to listen to my tweets, I was like ‘no way???’, so I went to look and read, and decided to download it, and here I am writing my blog, as I listen to what’s being tweeted on my timeline, isn’t that just too cool? Hah, I thought so. If you are interested check them out at The Social Radio, it’s kind of funny, because {Read More}

A Lot Of Great Magazines, With Great Articles

I have subscribed to a few great magazines, that have some really great articles, and I so want to share some of them with my visitors. The problem is, I’m not too sure what the copyrights are on that kind of thing. I would probably want to share exactly what they talk about because it’s useful information. If I read it, I’d be interested in them, and I feel my visitors would too. So with that said, how do I {Read More}

Love Is In The Air, Or Is It?!

It’s February, that means you will see everything and anything that has to do with Valentine’s, I know some over do it, but some look so forward to this day, only to be disappointed if it doesn’t come out as they’d hoped. And that is exactly why you shouldn’t expect to much. I feel it’s better that you don’t so that you aren’t disappointed in the end. The last thing one wants is a constant reminder of how bad Valentine’s {Read More}